Getting the Best Results with Hashtags on Instagram

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Most people, when using hashtags on Instagram think that it is best to use hashtags with millions of results.  This is actually the opposite of what you should do as a smaller page.  When searching for hashtags to use in your posts, it is best to use tags at or just under 1 million results.  The reason for this is because your chances of being featured in the top 9 results are better as a smaller page.

However, if your engagement is pouring in and your page is large, you may not have the problem of reaching the top nine results for a tag you used.  This is why Engagement Groups are important if you want to boost your page into the top results.  As a smaller page, it could benefit you greatly.

Using hashtags related to your niche is not always the best solution either.  Some say it’s like breaking a cardinal rule to use hashtags that are not related to your page niche.  That’s like saying someone who likes football doesn’t like fashion.  That is not for us to decide.  The idea is we should remain open minded and assume people like everything!  So don’t be afraid to use hashtags that do not relate to your niche.  People like many things and it is not for us to decide that for them!  Broaden the horizon and don’t be afraid to invite people to your page from outside your niche!

Think outside the box!  Use a list of hashtags for a week and check your results.  Be sure to check to see if your posts are in the top 9 results after a couple hours as-well.