Get more Followers on Instagram using these Methods

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Everyone wants to know how to get more followers on Instagram.  Who has the best secrets and what are they?  Honestly, there are no secrets, you just haven’t been doing it!  The biggest problem is people don’t have time to do the necessary things needed to get followers.  It boils down to persistance and time invested… and money if you want to get serious about it.

Use a smart bio description.  When writing your bio, keep in mind Google will be watching.  Use a description that someone might search for when looking for your product or service.  For example, if you run a page about fashion you might put “The best fashion page on Instagram” in your bio so when people search this term on Google, your page shows up.  You will almost always get followers doing this and it’s not a very saturated method.

Use the share option on Instagram.  This is one thing you absolutely should be doing!  Tie a Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook account to your Instagram and use that share option.  You kill 4 birds with one stone and those other social platforms can be used to bring followers to your Instagram page.  When I started my first page, I wish I had done this a long time ago!  To be honest, Facebook and Twitter are not that great but Tumblr is a must.  Over time, you will start to gain followers on those other platforms and you can tell them to join you on Instagram.  Once you set them all up, it’s as simple as pressing the share button and no other work is needed!


Network with others in your niche.  Your attitude and presentation is what makes you who you are in any social atmosphere.  Make friends and do some “shout out for shout out” posts.  It’s not the most effective way to get followers but it does work.  Also do “like for like”.  Like your friends most recent 8-10 photos and have them do the same for you.  This way your followers will see that in the activity section on Instagram and likely follow those people.

Boost posts on Facebook.  Like I said above, you should be sharing your Instagram posts to a Facebook page.  Once you get that setup, you can create a post about your Instagram page and boost it.  I usually spend about $10 and reach about 5k followers and about half of those convert to Instagram followers.  The best thing about it is they are real followers, not fake accounts that wont like or comment on your photos!

Use a like service.  I’ve used an Instagram like service on a few accounts in the past.  The best thing is that the followers you get are real!  People see you like their photo so most times they like and follow you.

If you plan to spend money on your Instagram account use an Instagram like service and only a like service.  Following and unfollowing is known as churning and can get you banned pretty quick.  Auto comments are plain annoying.  I can always tell when someone is using an auto commenting bot.  They use emotes and say the same things like “Cool!” or “I really love your page!” and it is just too easy to tell it’s a bot so just don’t do that.


Using a like service is the best service you can pay for.  You can set it up to like certain hashtags you choose and as long as it only like one photo per minute, you will be just fine.  Keep in mind however, even this method is not super safe.  Sometimes you will see it will like porn images or other images that have nothing to do with what you like or want it to like.  This is because spam bots flood tags with images and there is no way you can control this.  You just have to hope no one notices you liked a picture of a penis and if you’re lucky enough to notice it, you can unlike that image.

One tip when using a like service is to make sure you set it up to like at-least 6-8 tags.  Otherwise people can see you like their photo as soon as they post every time.  The bot will cycle through those hashtags putting a time gap between hashtags so you won’t get caught instantly liking someone’s photos every time they post.

Be Smart.  Be smart and use your head.  Don’t get greedy and you will win at Instagram.  Keep a professional attitude and never get involved in drama.  As hard as it may be to not comment on a picture you disagree with, it will benefit you in the end.  Don’t rely on bots to do everything for you.  Swing by your followers pages from time to time and comment on their photos.  Don’t just be a ghost who posts photos!

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    Get more Followers on Instagram using these Methods

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