How to Make More Instagram Accounts

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If you manage multiple Instagram accounts like I do then you may have run into this frustrating roadblock. I run multiple accounts on my iPhone and one day I ran into this error message when trying to make another account. “Too many Users have been Registered on this Device.”


Well, one way to get around that is to borrow a friends phone or device and kindly ask them if you can create an account then log out. Once you create the account, you can manage it on your own phone.  Some people may be a bit uncomfortable asking others if they can do this which is completely understandable but it does work.  Once you create the account on another device, you can then log in using your own device to manage the account.

If you’ve run out of devices to use, you can install Bluestacks on your computer.  It’s a free software that emulates Android devices.  Once you install Bluestacks, install Instagram and use it just as you would on your devices.

Most households these days have two or more computers.  I believe the max amount of accounts you can make is 5 per device and per Bluestacks installment.

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    How to Make More Instagram Accounts

  • I tried that and it keeps giving me an “incorrect password” error. 🙁