Instagram Accounts – Sniffing out the Fakes

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If you are a business looking to advertise on Instagram, it’s important that you know the person you are dealing with is not trying to pull one over on you.  Many times people will create pages so they can sell advertising.  This is fine and all but we want to make sure they are not buying followers to try to make it look like they have a large page for you to advertise on.

Follower to Like ratio – If a page has 150k followers and only averages 200 likes per post, odds are most of the followers are fake.  A page of this size should be getting thousands of likes.

Mass follower drops – Looking up an account on socialblade before you buy or advertise on it is a good idea.  Usually people who buy followers will have multiple follower drops on a daily basis.  So if the account is active and still dropping multiple followers per day, odds are they are fake followers.


Mass follows in a short period of time – Here is an example of a user who bought followers.  In a matter of 9 days the following doubled by nearly 39k.  It’s not impossible to achieve this as a larger page, but this specific account was only started a couple weeks ago.  Just look at Sunday below.


Look at the followers list – Take a glance at the followers and see how they look.  If most of them have emotes in their usernames and have 300 followers but don’t follow anyone, odds are they are fake.  Usually the accounts are often private.

Always check these options before buying advertisement or pages!  Don’t become a victim of fraud on Instagram.  Instagram scamming is very easy to do and is not always the easiest thing to detect.

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