Mass Planner 2 Review


What is Mass Planner?

Mass Planner 2 is a social media marketing tool that beats the competition on costs, functions and ease of use. You can hook it up to seven different social media platforms.


If that’s not enough, you can hook it up to multiple accounts.

Some of the tools included are-
finding and Joining groups on Facebook
finding and Joining Google+ communities
following and Unfollowing on Twitter
Pinning and Re-Pinning on Pinterest
Finding and Joining Linkedin Groups

That’s just SOME of the tools included, there are so many more.

It also POSTS your url to social media, on autopilot, scheduled…

It’s easy to use and includes a 5 day FREE trial so you can test it before you pay a penny.

If you do buy it, it’s cheap as chips, considering it’s doing the work of many people. It saves you hours of work per day on building your social media accounts for your home or small business.

It’s extremely powerful, Hootsuite comes nowhere near Mass Planner and costs more.

Mass Planner is $9.95 a month (cheap) and even cheaper if you go for 6 months of subscription. 6 months is $44.95 which brings the cost down to $7.50 per month. What’s that? a Few cents a day? i told you, it is as cheap as chips, and when you see what it does for you, with the trial, I guarantee that 99% of people will end up purchasing it and falling in love with it. It really does make a massive difference to your workload and it pays for itself very quickly.

Want more followers on Social Media? Want to find more groups in your niche? Want to have something that posts for you on autopilot? Need more traffic to your website? It does all that for you and more.

Give it a try, read my review, get the 5 day trial, and you won’t regret it.