Why You should be using Instagram to Market Your Business

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Many people think Facebook marketing is the best way to market their business and many do not know that Facebook also owns the popular photo sharing service Instagram.  Many also do not know that Facebook, like Instagram utilizes hashtags.  And because of this, you have to pay to boost your posts on Facebook to really get your product seen.  However, on Instagram hashtags are the main search criteria and that is what makes this platform so powerful.  People are searching for what they want to see in an image format and you should be taking advantage of that!

Over 450 million active users browse Instagram regularly.  The number one reason to use Instagram!

Instagram is based on a hashtag search engine.  You can corner a market using certain hashtags and hone in on users searching in that niche.

Instagram’s biography section is very good for SEO and can be used to direct traffic to your website.  For example, if you want to target people searching for “The best gun pages on Instagram“, you can put that in your bio so when people search that term they will find your Instagram page, then see your website address in the bio and likely click through.


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    Why You should be using Instagram to Market Your Business